Licence applications, renewals, variations and transfers

We have determined there is a sufficient number of sex establishments operating in Islington. However, we will consider each application on its merit.

We send current licence holders invoices for renewal fees and the required renewal application forms. If you are looking to transfer or make a variation to a licence, please contact the sex establishment licensing team.

If you are looking to apply for a new licence, please follow the instructions below. 

Grounds for refusing an application

  • the applicant is unsuitable to hold a licence by reason of having been convicted of any offence or for any other reason.
  • that if the licence were to be granted, renewed or transferred the business to which it relates would be managed by or carried on for the benefit of a person, other than the applicant, who would be refused the grant, renewal or transfer of such a licence if they made the application themselves.
  • the number of sex establishments in the relevant locality at the time the application is made is equal to or exceeds the number which we consider is appropriate for that locality.
  • the grant or renewal of the licence would be inappropriate, having regard to the character of the relevant locality, to the use to which any premises in the vicinity are put; or to the layout, character or condition of the premises, vehicle, vessel or stall in respect of which the application is made.


Any applicant who is aggrieved by a decision to refuse an application or by the imposition of any conditions can appeal to the local magistrate's court within 21 days of receiving the decision in writing.

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