Licence applications, renewals, variations and transfers

We have determined there is a sufficient number of sex establishments operating in Islington. However, we will consider each application on its merit.

We send current licence holders invoices for renewal fees and the required renewal application forms. If you are looking to transfer or make a variation to a licence, please contact the sex establishment licensing team.

If you are looking to apply for a new licence, please follow the instructions below. 


Applicants need to send us:

  • a completed application form
  • the correct application fee
  • a floor plan, drawn to scale showing the layout of the premises (new applications only)
  • a location plan (1:1250) showing the location of the premises (new applications only)
  • two passport size photos of the applicant where the applicant is an individual rather than a limited company
  • two passport size photos of the manager. 

Please note, photos will only be required if there has been a change of applicant or manager since the last application. 

The application documents can be downloaded from ‘Useful documents’ below. 

You must also send copies of all application documents to the police, fire brigade and building control. We will do this for you if you make the application via email. 

Visit our 'Contact the team' page for information on how to pay for your licence. 

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