Transfer of premises licence holder

If you wish to take over a premises licence from its current licence holder, you will need to apply for a transfer.

After you apply

In most cases transfer applications are not objected to. We will usually confirm within 28 days of the application date  that a transfer has been granted and new licence documents will be issued to the applicant.  

In the meantime, providing the applicant has indicated that they wish the application to have immediate effect, they may continue trading as the new premises licence holder.

Within the first 14 days of being notified of the transfer application, the police may object if they are satisfied that granting the transfer application would under the prevention of crime and disorder. In these exceptional circumstances the application will be decided by our licensing subcommittee at a hearing. Applicants will be given the reason(s) for the objection and invited to attend and speak at the hearing.

The right to appeal

A failed application will receive notice of the refusal from us. However, you are allowed to appeal the decision at the local magistrates’ court within 21 days.