Mandatory conditions

Operators of licensed premises must comply with the mandatory licence conditions. Failure to do this can lead to prosecution or review of the licence.

If the premises licence has conditions in respect of door supervisors

Condition 9

1. Where a premises licence includes a condition that at specified times one or more individuals must be at the premises to carry out a security activity, each such individual must:

(a) be authorised to carry out that activity by a licence granted under the Private Security Industry Act 2001; or

(b) be entitled to carry out that activity by virtue of section 4 of the Act.

2. But nothing in subsection (1) requires such a condition to be imposed:

(a) in respect of premises within paragraph 8(3)(a) of Schedule 2 to the Private Security Industry Act 2001 (c12) (premises with premises licences

authorising plays or films); or

(b) in respect of premises in relation to:

(i) any occasion mentioned in paragraph 8(3)(b) or (c) of that Schedule (premises being used exclusively by club with club premises certificate, under a temporary event notice authorising plays or films or under a gaming licence), or

(ii) any occasion within paragraph 8(3)(d) of that Schedule (occasions prescribed by regulations under that Act.

3. For the purposes of this section:

(a) "security activity" means an activity to which paragraph 2(1)(a) of that Schedule applies, and, which is licensable conduct for the purposes of that Act, (see Section 3(2) of that Act) and

(b) paragraph 8(5) of that Schedule (interpretation of references to an occasion) applies as it applies in relation to paragraph 8 of that Schedule.

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