Apply for membership of the Late-Night Levy Best Practice Scheme

Find out about the benefits of the scheme, who can apply and how to apply for membership.

Monitoring and annual review

We and/or the police will monitor premises to ensure they are compliant with the scheme's standards.

Where there is reason to believe that standards have deteriorated to such an extent that the premises is no longer meeting the standards laid down in the best practice scheme, the premises licence holder will receive written notification specifying: 

  • the reasons for non-compliance
  • remedial actions that need to be taken
  • a reasonable timescale for implementing remedial action, usually between 1-4 weeks

At the end of the notice period, we will undertake either a follow up desk-top review or visit the premises to determine compliance with the best practice scheme and issue a written notice confirming the outcome of their review as follows: 

  • best practice standards have been meet 
  • best practice standards have not been met but there are reasonable grounds to indicate that the timescale for compliance can be extended by a final further 1-4 weeks
  • best practice standards have not been met and the premises are no longer eligible for 30% reduction in the Late-Night Levy for the next 12 months. 

Appeals against the decision to terminate membership of the scheme should be made in writing to the Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Team.

Termination of membership

Termination of membership will occur in the following circumstances:

  • the premises licence has been transferred - the new premises licence holder has to reapply for membership of the scheme
  • the premises licence holder has failed to meet the minimum requirements of the scheme
  • the premises are subject to a Police Summary Review under S53A, Licensing Act 2003.
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