Business rates

Rates reduction and relief

Find out what rates relief or discounts your business could be entitled to claim and how you can apply for them.

  • Relief for charities

    You can get 80% off your business rates if you're a registered charity or Community Amateur Sports Club

  • Local revaluation relief

    The council has secured limited funding in order to create our own revaluation relief scheme to help businesses most affected by the government revaluation.

  • Small business rate relief

    Businesses in receipt of small business rate relief could also get further rate reductions. Find out if this applies to your business

  • Partly occupied premises

    If you have got a partly occupied business premises, find out what business rates relief you may be entitled to claim

  • Empty commercial properties

    Find out if your business property is entitled to empty rate relief

  • General enquiries

    If you have got any general enquiries, please fill out this form