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Warm community spaces

Warm community spaces are open across the borough where residents can go during the day to keep warm as the weather gets colder.

Many Islington households will struggle with their energy bills this winter and may be unable to keep their heating on as much as they usually would at this time of the year.

To help, the council and local community partners are offering free, non-judgemental spaces where people can go to stay warm, maybe enjoy some company and a hot drink.

Please use our list to find a warm community space near you. If you have opened a warm community space and would like to be listed on the table, or if you would like to open a warm space, please email

Location Post code 
 The Peel, Three Corners Centre  EC1R 0HU
 Brunswick Estate Community Centre  EC1V 0HP
 Museum Of The Order Of Saint John  EC1V 4JJ
 Finsbury Library  EC1V 4NB
 St Luke’s Community Centre  EC1V 8AJ 
 St Clement’s Church  EC1V 8DA 
 Wesley's Chapel and Leysian Mission  EC1Y 1AU
 London Irish Centre  NW1 9XB
 West Library  N1 1BD
 South Library  N1 2SL
 St Mary’s Church  N1 2TX
 Our Lady & St Joseph’s Church  N1 4AG
 Mildmay Library  N1 4NA
 St Jude and St Paul's Church  N1 4PL
 The Arc  N1 7DF
 Chabad Islington Jewish Community Centre and Art Gallery  N1 8HX
 King's Cross Church  N1 9JY
 Claremont  N1 9PD
 N4 Library  N4 2DW
 The UCKG HelpCentre  N4 3NX
 Brickworks Community Centre  N4 4BY
 Elizabeth House Community Centre  N5 1ED
 Central Library  N5 1PF
 Highbury Baptist Church  N5 1QL
 Christ Church Highbury  N5 1SA
 Highbury Roundhouse at Sotheby Mews Centre  N5 2UT
 Hilldrop Community Centre  N7 0JE
 Cat and Mouse Library  N7 0JN
 St George and All Saints Tufnell Park  N7 0ND
 North Library  N7 6JX
 Manor Gardens Welfare Trust  N7 6LA
 Holloway Neighbourhood Group  N7 6QT
 Andover Community Centre  N7 7RY
 Light Project Pro International  N7 8DE
 Goodinge Community Centre  N7 9EW
 Mildmay Community Centre  N16 8NA
 St Mary’s Hornsey Rise  N19 3AD
 Caxton House Community Centre  N19 3RQ
 St Andrew's Church  N19 3TN
 Hornsey Lane Estate Community Centre  N19 3YJ
 Whittington Park Community Centre  N19 4RS
 Archway Library  N19 5PH
 Winter Warm Room  N19 5SP
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