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Islington Together 2030 plan summary

A summary of the Islington Together 2030 plan to create a more equal future.

Inequality in Islington is not new. While we have made progress in the past decade, Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis and other national and local challenges mean our communities are facing new hardships.

We are living in an increasingly uncertain world and far too many in our communities are not only struggling to put food on the table today but are dealing with the intense stress and anxiety about what tomorrow will bring.

These are tough times but we promise, whatever happens, we will be on your side.

For a more equal future

Our Islington Together 2030 plan sets out a bold vision for working together with our diverse communities to create a more equal future for our borough by 2030 and the five key missions we have set ourselves to achieve this.

We want Islington to be a place where people know their children will get the very best start in life, where people can access help and support when they need it and where wealth is created and enjoyed locally. A place where people can live sustainable, happy and healthy lives. 

Listening to our community

To understand what life is like for people who live in Islington, we will invest time in talking to our diverse communities, listening to your hopes and fears and ideas for change.

We will listen to parents telling us they are worried about their children growing up and feeling safe in their neighbourhoods, and young people who are anxious about being able to afford to buy or even rent a home in the borough where they have grown up.

For a borough so rich in culture and enterprise, far too many local people are locked out of the opportunity to benefit from what is on their doorstep because of financial and other barriers.

We are determined to confront these challenges together.

Working with you

We will continue to listen and to fight your corner on the national stage, but also work side by side with you to take meaningful action to create a more equal future together. We know we will only succeed if we work together to pool our collective resources – our creativity, our relationships, our connections – to become more than the sum of our parts. Find out how you can get involved.

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