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Our Islington Promise

Our Islington Promise tells you what to expect from us, and what we need from you, so that we can create a more equal Islington together by 2030.

Our Islington Promise sets out what local people can expect from us, and also what we are asking from them. No one knows exactly what the future holds, but we can promise that we will confront it together.

Our Islington Promise

We promise to:

  • relentlessly tackle inequality by enshrining this value in everything we do – from waste collection to social work to community events
  • always be on your side by putting our residents first, listening and working together to make a tangible difference to lives and livelihoods in Islington
  • be bolder and more innovative by testing new service models that help to break down barriers and create new opportunities beyond what has always been done
  • provide accessible help and support which works for all – and where it doesn’t, we will make changes so that no one ever faces barriers in accessing what they need
  • invest in the local economy by supporting local businesses to flourish and brokering jobs and opportunities for the good of local people.

In return, we ask that you:

  • get involved by participating and playing an active role in your community, whatever that means to you
  • speak up by challenging inequality in your community and networks
  • be part of the solution by helping us design and shape local schemes and projects, telling us when we get it right and, importantly, how we might improve
  • invest in Islington by shopping and spending locally to support small businesses
  • be proud of our borough by helping us look after this borough we all call home – keeping our streets clean and reporting problems where you see them
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