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Islington Together

We are determined to create a more equal Islington, where everyone who lives here has an equal chance to thrive.

Over the next decade we will maintain a relentless focus on tackling inequality and eradicating poverty in our borough. Our 2021 strategic plan sets out how we will achieve this.

Islington Together: for an equal future (PDF)

  • Background

    Our mission for the next decade.

  • Our priorities

    Our priorities for a more equal future.

  • Our principles

    Our goals are ambitious and to achieve them we will need to draw on our experience as well as the evidence base about what works.

  • Changing behaviours

    To deliver on our ambitions requires an individual and collective commitment from all our staff, partners and residents.

  • Get involved

    It is essential that community voice and expertise is reflected in our plans for the future.

  • Let's Talk Islington

    As part of our mission to create a more equal Islington, the council wants to understand how the challenges of the past decade have impacted you