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A safe place to call home

This is how we will make sure everyone in Islington has a safe, decent and genuinely affordable place to call home by 2030.

What Islington will look and feel like for residents

  • Families will want to live in our estates and our homes on residential streets across the borough, feeling the care put into their homes and neighbourhoods.
  • Our residents will have a sense of trust with their landlord, and know that we will support them to live well and thrive.
  • Our residents’ will feel their voices are important, and we will engage with and be accountable to them in the way we manage their homes and estates.
  • Residents experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness will feel well cared for and supported throughout.
  • Residents affected by all forms of violence against women and girls receive excellent support that is trauma-informed, connected to their experience and that helps them to feel heard and protected.
  • New homes will be places to be proud of: net zero carbon, high quality, easy to maintain and providing a positive environment to live, learn and work within.
  • Communities will see the investment in their homes, maintaining a sense of pride in where they live.
  • Residents feel safer in their neighbourhoods, parks and town centre and appreciate that the root causes of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in public spaces are routinely and actively tackled and managed by landlords, the council and police. They are also empowered and confident enough to contribute to resolving ASB issues.

What we are doing to get there

Read the full Islington Together 2030 plan for more on what we are doing, but this includes:

  • building new homes and investing in the safety of our current stock
  • ensuring trusted landlord services
  • making our communities safer
  • preventing rough sleeping.

Here are some of the programmes we've launched to help us get there. 

Tenants Charter

The Islington Council Tenants Charter is focused on strengthening the relationship between residents and Islington Council. It represents all the great work happening across Islington to create positive relationships with customers. It also challenges Islington Council to go further – presenting an opportunity for us to take the lead in accountability and customer oversight.

By adopting this charter, Islington Council commits to:

  • Stronger relationships – Islington Council will treat all residents with respect in all our interactions.
  • Delivering excellent customer services and experiences – We will be easy to deal with, resolve your enquiries and keep to our promises.
  • Effective communication – Residents will receive clear, accessible, and timely information from Islington Council on the issues that matter to them.
  • Listening to and truly understanding your priorities – We will be prepared to change our services to meet your specific needs and take your feedback and suggestions for improvement seriously.
  • Using your feedback and influence – Views from residents will be sought and valued and this information will be used to inform decisions and working practices.

Thriving Neighbourhoods

Thriving Neighbourhoods is a £10 million investment programme that allows local people to help shape the transformation of shared spaces on estates across the borough.

The programme will:

  • improve play areas/multi use games areas on estates, creating active and healthy environments for residents.
  • provide storage to overcome overcrowding/fire safety issues in communal areas.
  • work with the Islington Greener Together Programme to improve the estate environment through landscaping and designing with efforts to stop crime.
  • renew estate-based housing community centres, ensuring that they are attractive, well-managed spaces, valued by the local community.
  • ensure residents feel safe in their local communities.
  • empower residents to shape their areas and be involved in local decision making and improving the community, estate and area in which they live in.
  • help reduce any disparities among our estates.
  • be inclusive and fair, encouraging disabled residents and the whole community to contribute to improving the community where they live.
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