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Find out about a social care needs assessment

A needs assessment is a meeting between you and a care professional to understand what type of support you may need to live independently.

You can also find support on the Islington Directory

What happens after a social care needs assessment

If you’re eligible for support, we’ll first explore with you what support is available in the local community, types of telecare and equipment available, support available from friends and family, and your own skills and resources so that you can stay as independent as possible.

If further support is needed, we will consider whether you could benefit from short-term assistance to stay safe, healthy and independent.

This support could include:

  • reablement

  • home care

  • equipment to help you with everyday tasks

If you need more support, we’ll look at what longer term care and support can be provided for you.
We will always support you to stay as independent as possible, living at home wherever possible and retaining the things that are most important to you.

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