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People-friendly streets in Amwell

In November 2020, as part of our people-friendly streets programme, we introduced a low traffic neighbourhood trial in Amwell.

Like many neighbourhoods within the borough, Amwell has suffered from increased traffic volumes in recent years from the use of the area as a short-cut.   

The trial aimed to:

  • Make it easier and safer to walk and cycle
  • Clean up the air we breathe
  • Reduce road danger

We introduced the following traffic filters: Great Percy Street (between Holford Street and Cumberland Gardens), Lloyd Square (north side), Lloyd Square (south side) and Margery Street just west of Wilmington Street.

You can see locations of the traffic filters on Google maps or view the map of the Amwell low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) at the bottom of the page. A downloadable version of the map is available in the 'Useful documents' section of this page.


We published our pre-consultation monitoring report for the Amwell PFS trial area in December 2021. The report includes data one year on from the launch of the people-friendly streets trial in October 2020.

We published the interim monitoring report for the Amwell PFS trial area in July 2021. 


We have now published our pre-consultation engagement results report for the Amwell PFS trial. This report includes all feedback up until the public consultation (15 December 2021 – 31 January 2022) from Commonplace and Trial feedback surveys, email correspondence, formal objections and stakeholder meetings.  

Key findings from pre-consultation engagement

Feedback received   

  • 128 Commonplace comments
  • 109 emails   
  • 260 Trial feedback surveys   
  • 440  consultation questionnaires

Commonplace feedback* 

Top 3 problems   

  • 37% - traffic rat running 
  • 37% - not safe to cycle 
  • 35% - volume of traffic

Top 3 ways to make it better   

  • 32% - more space for cycling
  • 29% - make the road access only 
  • 27% - road closure except for cycles and buses  

Trial feedback survey (percentage of respondents)   

Top 3 things people like about the trial   

  • 19% - reduces traffic 
  • 17% - reduces air pollution   
  • 16% - makes the area more pleasant   

Top 3 things people dislike about the trial

  • 52% - more traffic on main roads   
  • 39% - concerns of delays to emergency vehicles  
  • 36% - car trips are inconvenient    

*The Commonplace figures refer to comments received before the trial was advertised. The figures provided for Commonplace and trial feedback surveys are for the percentage of respondents. The Commonplace platform was open between May 2020 and March 2021, the trial feedback survey was open between March 2021 and December 2021. 

We have also published our independently written consultation report for the Amwell PFS trial. This report includes feedback received through the public consultation (15 December 2021– 31 January 2022).    

Key findings from the public consultation

  • 45% said it is easier to cross the streets – 17% disagreed
  • 42% said it is easier to make trips I need to by walking and cycling - 17% disagreed
  • 43% said the air is cleaner – 10% disagreed
  • 40% said there is less speeding traffic – 12% disagreed
  • 38% said it is easier to walk and cycle to local shops and businesses – 17% disagreed
  • 44% said there is less noise from motor traffic – 19% disagreed
  • 49% of participants have a car, versus 29% of households in Islington
  • 16% of participants who have cars say they walk and cycle for shorter trips instead of driving
  • 16% of participants mentioned LTNs increasing traffic on boundary roads

Next steps: continuing people-friendly streets in Amwell

The positive outcomes from the consultation and monitoring reports have supported our decision to continue people-friendly streets in Amwell.  

As part of continuing the trial, we will make the traffic filter at Lloyd Square (north side) camera enforced to address the repeated unauthorised removal of the lockable bollard at the location. You can view a map of the changes to the traffic filters

We have been listening to feedback from local disabled residents and in order to make the scheme more accessible for these residents we will be making some improvements.

We will be introducing an exemption for Blue Badge holders who live inside the Amwell PFS neighbourhood from the traffic filters in the Amwell PFS neighbourhood. We will implement a new Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) which will allow us to measure the impact and see if it is working as intended.

You can find out more information on the exemption and read our Blue Badge holder frequently asked questions.

Works to enable the exemption

In order to implement the changes at filters and allow Blue Badge holders to travel through the restrictions, we will need to make some changes to the neighbourhood. 

We will be:

  • adding new signs to make the exemption at all filters clear
  • installing a traffic camera at Lloyd Square (north side).

The minor works were completed in April 2022 and the new exemptions are now active (from 14 April 2022).

You can find more information in the Amwell consultation results and next steps resident leaflet

For further detailed information you can read the full Delegated Decision Report and Equality Impact Assessment for the Amwell PFS programme and the other documents in the 'Useful Documents' section. 

Map of the Amwell low traffic neighbourhood

Map of the Amwell LTN 

Traffic filters are at the following locations: Great Percy Street (between Holford Street and Cumberland Gardens), Lloyd Square (north side), Lloyd Square (south side) and Margery Street just west of Wilmington Street.

Download the map of the Amwell LTN


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