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Reducing single use plastic

Islington Council is committed to cutting the use of single-use plastic in the borough. Globally, an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea every year, where it harms animals, damages the environment, and enters the human food chain.

Drinking water fountains

Islington Council has been working with the Mayor of London, Oneless, and other partners to deliver more drinking water fountains around Islington.

There are lots of public drinking water fountains in parks and public areas, as well as refill points in cafes and bars all over Islington. Download the Refill App to find your nearest refill point.

Refill App

The Refill App enables you to locate local businesses, bars and cafes where water bottles can be refilled, free of charge, no questions asked. Just download the Refill App, and you can refill on the go, wherever you go.

Islington Council is working with City to Sea and local residents and businesses to increase take up of this useful App.

Recycle your plastic

Islington collects a wide range of different plastics for recycling. Please check our website for information on what you can and can’t recycle in Islington.

Responsible waste management

Through our partnership with the North London Waste authority, we ensure that every bit of plastic that is thrown away or recycled by you, in a litter bin, rubbish bin or recycling bin, is properly managed. Visit Wise Up To Waste to find out more about what happens to your waste.

Encouraging government to take action

We are engaging with the government to encourage them to take robust action in reducing plastics. This includes responded to government consultations relating to waste and plastic.

Government recently consulted on proposals to extend the 5p plastic bag tax to 10p and to all smaller businesses. Islington Council supports this move and you can read our response to the consultation.

Reducing Islington Council's plastic waste

We have eliminated the use of single use plastics such as cups, stirrers and plastic sachets from Council meeting rooms and Council chambers (apart from our public drinking water fountain, where plastic cups are provided for convenience of member of the public but may be recycled).

We are working with our leisure centre partners GLL to reduce and eliminate where possible single use plastics.

We are also increasing the amount of office waste that is recycled by improving recycling facilities across Islington’s Council buildings.

Find out more

See more links in related information on plastic pollution and what you can do to help.

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