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Reduce, reuse and repair

Reducing waste at home is a great way to save money and be kinder to the environment. This page will give you lots of tips and advice on how to waste less and save money.


Recycling is great, but the best thing you can do is to reduce the amount of waste you create in the first place.


After reducing your waste, reusing it is the next best thing. Think before you throw an item in the bin. Can it be reused for any other purpose? Is it of use to anyone else? Can it be donated to a charity? 

There are lots of ways to reduce your waste

  • Put an end to junk mail

  • To arrange a chargeable reuse collection of furniture in good condition telephone Contact Islington on 020 7527 2000

  • Find your nearest charity shop to make a donation
  • There's no such thing as junk, only stuff that hasn't found the right person! Visit the clothes swapping pages to find out how you can swap, give away or find clothes for free that may otherwise go to waste. Why buy new clothes when you can join in the latest craze of clothes swapping or swishing?
  • Use reuse swapping sites eg Freecycle or Freegle
  • Use Bright Sparks who will come and collect your reusable items and pass them onto someone who needs them
  • Traid offers a free collection service of multiple bags of unwanted textiles from your door
  • Complete the booking form or telephone Traid direct on 020 8733 2595 to arrange a pick up
  • Use real cloth nappies with our £54.15 voucher scheme
  • Save an average of £50 a month on your food bill. For more information on how much you could save visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.


Repairing items for reuse not only saves you money but gives you a chance to wear, use and enjoy much loved items a little longer. 

North London Waste Authority has a great directory of repairers.

Repair week discounts bullet point. Find out more information at London Recycles including:

  • Hands on repair workshops
  • Tutorials and 1-1 sessions
  • Panel discussions and fireside chats
  • Repair Week discounts.  

Repairing and reusing are simple actions that anyone can take to reduce the impact on climate change. 45% of global carbon emissions come from producing products we use every day. Keeping things in use for longer is an important part of tackling the climate crisis and achieving net zero carbon Islington by 2030.

Research by the London Recycles campaign has shown that Londoners are eager to repair and reuse things with over two thirds (69%) stating that they would repair more of their household items if they knew how.

Why repair items?

  • Help the environment by reducing the amount we send to landfill or energy from waste
  • Save yourself money by not buying new
  • Reduce carbon emissions by not making and transporting new products
  • Make your cherished items last longer
  • Learn new skills

Handyman repair scheme

Islington’s handypersons’ scheme provides help with small repairs around the home. These might be things that the council’s repair service or a landlord would not normally cover.

More repair help

For more advice and information reuse, visit the London Recycles website or the North London Waste Authorities ‘Fix’ website 
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