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An estate or block of flats

Estates and blocks of flats have regular recycling and rubbish collections from communal bins.

What we collect

We collect the following from your communal bins (no recycling in black rubbish bags): 

  • mixed recycling 
  • where this service is provided, food waste recycling. We are now expanding communal food waste recycling service to all suitable blocks and estates of 7 households and over. We are calling on residents, landlords, managing agents and RSLs to email to request the service (if they don’t already have it). Bins, leaflets, caddies and liners and collections will be provided free of charge. We are keen to work with you to introduce the service by 31 March 2023.
  • rubbish.

When we collect it

If you live on an estate or in a block of flats, all recycling, food waste (if this service is provided), garden waste and rubbish is collected at least weekly from communal bins. 

Some estates have a chute for household recycling and rubbish. If you have a chute, please place your refuse in bin liners before putting it in the correct chute and only use the chute between 8am and 8pm so you don’t disturb your neighbours. 

Do not put your recycling in black bags. 

Free clear recycling bags can be collected from your local library.

We are trialling home deliveries on request of recycling bags. If you live in Caledonian Road or Liverpool Road please click here to request a delivery of recycling bags.

Use ‘Your local area’ to find your collection day.

Your local area

What we provide

We provide residents who live on an estate or in a block of flats with: 

  • communal recycling containers 
  • communal food waste recycling containers (where this service is provided) 
  • communal rubbish containers. 

Please note, compostable caddy liners are free and you can get them from your local library, estate office or concierge. 

We also provide posters and leaflets about recycling properly for anyone living or staying in Islington, such as in rented accommodation.

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