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Conservation Areas

There are currently 41 conservation areas in Islington. A conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. The special character of these areas does not come from the quality of their buildings alone. The area as a whole, including historic layout of roads, paths and boundaries; characteristic building and paving materials; a particular 'mix' of building uses; landscape and tree cover in public and private spaces all make up the familiar local scene. Conservation area designation is a way of protecting these special parts of the borough and ensuring that any new development is sensitive to their historic character.

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What does designation mean?

Conservation areas enjoy special protection under the law. The council has extra controls over demolition, minor developments and the protection of trees. Within a conservation area you will need to apply for planning permission for total or substantial demolition of any building and may also need permission to carry out minor alterations or extensions such as roof alterations or erecting dormer windows or satellite dishes. Additionally you must give the Council six weeks notice, in writing, before any work is carried out to prune or fell a tree in a conservation area. Please refer to the list of conservation areas below with links to their adopted Conservation Area Design Guidelines (CADG).

Article 4(2) Directions

Article 4(2) Directions are made following public consultation, when further control of development in a conservation area is desirable to preserve its special character and appearance. If your property is covered by an Article 4(2) Direction you may be required to apply for planning permission to carry out minor alterations or home improvements such as changing external doors and windows or painting brickwork on the outside of a property.

Full list of Islington conservation areas 

Aberdeen Park (CA27)

Arlington Square (CA04)

Barnsbury (CA10)

Bunhill Fields/Finsbury Square (CA22)

Calabria Road (CA38)

Canonbury (CA08)

Chapel Market/Penton Street (CA33)

Charterhouse Square (CA09)

Chiswell Street (CA20)

Clerkenwell Green (CA01)

Cross Street (CA13)

Duncan Terrace/ Colebrooke Row (CA03)

East Canonbury (CA23)

Hat and Feathers (CA26)

Highbury Fields (CA05)

Highbury New Park (CA15)

Highgate Hill/ Hornsey Lane (CA30)

Hillmarton (CA30)

Holborn Union Infirmary (CA41)

Keystone Crescent (CA14)

King’s Cross (CA21)

Kingsbury Road (CA35)

Mercers Road / Tavistock Terrace (CA24)

Moorfields (CA31)

New River (CA02)

Newington Green (CA12)

Northampton Square (CA29)

Priory Green (CA37)

Regent’s Canal West (CA17)

Rosebery Avenue (CA34)

Sotheby Road (CA36)

St John’s Grove (CA28)

St Luke’s (CA16)

St Mary Magdalene (CA06)

Stroud Green (CA39) – Guidelines

Stroud Green (CA39) – Character Appraisal

The Angel (CA18)

Tollington Park (CA25)

Tufnell Park (CA11)

Upper Street North (CA19)

Whistler Street (CA40)

Whitehall Park (CA07)

Conservation Areas Designation dates

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