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Find out about using barbecues and a new electric hotplate trial in Islington parks.

Ban on barbecues in parks

Following a temporary ban on barbecues during the COVID-19 pandemic, we reviewed our barbecue policy and the Executive Committee have decided to make the ban permanent. Coal and wood barbecues are not permitted in any of Islington parks or green spaces. 

This supports our continuing efforts to address the climate emergency by improving air quality. It is also due to the of increased litter, cost and damage to our parks from barbecues, in part because of bans in other London boroughs.

The ban applies to coal and wood barbecues in Islington’s parks. Gas barbecues are already banned for safety reasons.   

Book a hotplate

Our parks and green spaces offer a lifeline for local people, especially those that do not have their own private outdoor space. The council wants local people to be able to enjoy using parks, including socially.

The council is trialling a new electric hotplate – a more environmentally-friendly, safer alternative to barbecues – at Paradise Park. You can book the hotplate now through EverGrill. If the trial is successful, the council will consider introducing electric hotplates to other parks and open spaces.

Book the hotplate

Barbecues at organised events

If you have applied to Islington council for permission for an event in a park, you may be able to hold a BBQ as part of this event, provided the relevant safety measures are in place. To find out more about the application process, including how to get an approximate cost for your event, please visit Organise an Activity in one of our parks or email


Anti-social behaviour in parks

The council and police take anti-social behaviour in our parks very seriously. We have a dedicated parks patrol service who will deal with any issues they witness, but you can also report incidents to the council 24/7.

In an emergency always call 999.