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Loading and unloading

When and where you can park to load and unload a vehicle on a public road in Islington

Loading and unloading

In Islington, you can load and unload goods for up to 40 minutes.

Loading and unloading is allowed:

  • on double and single yellow lines (where there are no loading restrictions in place)

  • in resident, shared use and short stay bays.

No waiting time or breaks

If you leave a loading vehicle alone and are not loading or unloading, you may get a parking ticket.

  • Vehicles up to 3.5 tons can only be left for five minutes before getting a ticket.
  • Vehicles more than 3.5 tons can only be left for 10 minutes before getting a ticket.
  • Personal vehicles will get a ticket immediately. 

The 40-minute loading rule does not include parking before or after loading. If you need to park before or after the 40-minute loading time, you must pay to park in a pay and display bay or buy a permission to park notice.


  • You cannot load, unload or park in bus lanes or on yellow lines with loading restrictions.
  • Loading restrictions can be on both single and double yellow lines. You can tell by yellow markings on the kerb and/or an accompanying black and white time plate or sign. Always check the times shown on the signs. Visit GOV.UK for more information about road markings and what they mean.
  • If signs do not show specific days of restrictions, then they are in force every day including Sundays and bank holidays. 
  • Find out more about loading / unloading on council estates.
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