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Change of vehicle or adding an additional vehicle

Tell us of a change to a vehicle or request an additional vehicle on a current resident permit.

You will need to provide proof of vehicle ownership at your Islington address to add a new vehicle or replace a vehicle on your resident parking permit.

If you purchased or renewed your permit after 1 February 2023, please use the request button on this page.

Request a change of vehicle or add a new one

If you purchased your permit before 1 February 2023, you cannot change your details. Instead, follow these steps: 

  1. register for a new parking account
  2. buy a new permit
  3. cancel your existing permit.

Proof of ownership

Please have a scan or photo of one of the following documents to hand ready to upload.

  • Vehicle registration document (V5 or V5C)
  • Insurance Schedule - the schedule must state the applicant as the main policy holder and the vehicle insured at the applicant’s Islington address.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Lease agreement
  • Hire agreement
  • Company vehicle - applicants must provide a copy of the vehicle registration document (V5) or copy of the lease agreement and a letter, written on the organisation’s headed stationery, confirming that the applicant is an employee of the company; the vehicle registration mark/number; the reason for providing the vehicle to the employee and the Islington address where the vehicle will be parked. The letter must be signed and dated, preferably by the company secretary or an authorised officer of the company to sign such declaration. This must not be the applicant.

While your email request is being processed

  • If emailing your request, it will be completed within five working days.
  • You will be responsible for parking your new vehicle until you receive confirmation of this change from us. For example, you may consider using visitor vouchers or short-term parking via our Ringo App or Epay shops to allow you to park within prescribed hours
  • You will be told of any charge or refund because of a change with instructions to follow for payment or refund.
  • Please note the terms and conditions for the issue and use of a permit.
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