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Change of vehicle or adding an additional vehicle

Tell us of a change to a vehicle or request an additional vehicle on a current resident permit.

Use your parking account 

Log into your parking account and click on your current permit to change the vehicle on it.

You will need to show proof of ownership of your new vehicle and pay any extra if there's a difference between the cost of the old and new permit. 

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School street exemptions

If you have a school street exemption, you will also need to update the vehicle on your exemption separately using this online form.

Register a temporary or courtesy vehicle

If you are using a temporary or courtesy vehicle, you will need to log into your parking account and update your vehicle details. When you are logged in, click your current permit details to change your vehicle details.

  • Temporary cover is only for up to 21 days.
  • You can only have three temporary cover changes in any 12-month period. 
  • There is no need to give proof for a temporary change of vehicle.

If you don't have a parking account yet, you must register for a new parking account and buy a new permit.

Blue badge free resident permit holders

If you are a Blue Badge holder and are using a free resident permit, use the Blue Badge free resident parking permit form and check the 'change of vehicle' option.

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