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All Islington's libraries are free to join and have free public computers, Wi-Fi and internet access

Central Lending Library will be closed for refurbishment from Monday 4 Oct – January 2022.

The Children’s and Reference Libraries will remain open during this period and we will be accepting returns.

Library users will also be able to collect reservations during this period.

On 6 September all Islington Libraries returned to their normal opening hours:

  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu   Fri Sat  Sun 
 Archway  9.30am-8pm  Closed  9.30am-8pm  Closed  9.30am-5pm  9.30am-5pm  Closed
 Cat and mouse  Closed  9.30am-7pm  9.30am-1pm  9.30am-7pm  Closed  11am-5pm  Closed
 Central  9.30am-8pm  9.30am-5pm  9.30am-8pm  9.30am-8pm  9.30am-5pm  9.30-5pm  1-5pm
 Finsbury  9am-8pm  9am-5pm  9am-5pm  9am-8pm  9am-5pm  9am-5pm  Closed
 Lewis Carroll  9.30am-7pm Closed  9.30am-7pm  Closed  9.30am-1pm 11am-5pm  Closed
 Mildmay  9.30am-1pm  9.30-8pm Closed  9.30-8pm
Closed  11am-5pm
 N4  9.30am-8pm  9.30am-5pm  9.30am-8pm 9.30am-1pm   9.30am-5pm  9.30am-5pm  Closed
 North  Closed  9.30am-8pm  Closed  9.30am-8pm  9.30am-1pm  11am-5pm  Closed
 South   9.30am-8pm  Closed


 Closed  9.30am-5pm  9.30am-5pm  Closed
 West  Closed  9.30am-8pm  Closed  9.30am-8pm  9.30am-5pm  9.30am-5pm  Closed

Local History will also be open for pre-booked appointments only. Please email

Currently there are no fines for items you have on loan that become overdue.

You can borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks, online newspapers, magazines, comics and other resources for free on our library, arts and heritage webpages. 

You can join Islington libraries online or email

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