Fines and charges

Find out more about our library fines, charges and concessions.

We charge for DVDs, music CDs, printing, photocopying, replacement library cards, local history research and publications.

We also charge fines for books, audio books and music CDs at a rate of 17p per item per day overdue, up to a maximum charge per item of £7.65. This can quickly reach a large sum, so please return your items by the due date.

People aged 15 or under and those over 60 do not pay overdue charges. Over 60s get music CDs for free too. Adults and children 16+ do not get charged fines on children's books or audio books.

Overdue DVDs are charged at the hire rate for each day that they are overdue - £2 per day for new feature films and 25p per day for weekly DVDs.

Please see our list of charges and concessions (PDF).

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