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Safe and warm grants

The aim of a Safe and Warm grant is to improve/provide heating, insulation and security measures in owner occupied properties. Grant assistance is available for vulnerable occupiers - those claiming means tested benefits and those over 60 years of age with severe health related conditions. 

Measures that can be funded individually:

  • replace broken boilers 

  • replacement of gas boilers that are F or G rated (approx. 15 years old).
  • In addition, other measures can be included, but not funded on their own.

These include:

  • draught proofing to doors and windows and loft insulation
  • solid wall and flat roof insulation
  • heating controls and smoke alarms
  • security measures e.g. mortice locks, door viewers/chains and window locks.

If you feel you may qualify, contact the Energy Advice Team on 0800 953 1221.

They can advise you of your eligibility and arrange for an assessor to visit.

Who can get a grant?

You will be eligible for a grant (up to £5,000) if you have an F or G rated boiler or if your boiler can not be repaired, or your current heating is not sufficient to heat your home and you are either over 60 years old or in receipt of:

  • Income Support
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance under the Welfare Reform Act 2007
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit
  • Full Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Council Tax Benefit (does not include single occupancy reduction)
  • Child Tax Credit (household income less than £16,105)
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Disablement Pension Credit (must include constant attendance allowance)
  • Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • War Disablement Pension (must include either a mobility supplement or constant attendance allowance)

Applying for a Grant:

  • Contact the Energy Advice team with your initial enquiry (call 0800 953 1221 or email energy.advice@islington.gov.uk).
  • They will ask some questions to see if you qualify, and pass your details to the Grants team.
  • An assessor will visit you to assess for any energy improvements to your home and will require seeing documentary evidence of qualifying benefits.
  • Once eligibility for assistance has been confirmed an application will be sent for completion.
  • Owners should submit an application with two itemized estimate for the works. 
  • Once we receive a complete grant application, we will send you a grant approval within 10 working days confirming funding availability and requirements for payment.
  • You must complete the works within two months of approval or we will withdraw the grant.
  • On completion , council officer will inspect to ensure all works have been satisfactorily completed for grant purposes. However, as the owner of the property, if you are not satisfied with the work you must discuss your concerns with your contractor or agent.
  • You must claim the grant within two weeks of completion. This must include contractor’s invoice, gas, electric certificates, any guarantees, building control certificate, freeholder’s consent and planning consent (if required).
  • Final payment will be delayed or rejected if you do not submit the appropriate paperwork on time.

Grant Conditions:

  1. The property must remain in the same ownership for five years or you will have to repay the grant.
  2. The scheme will not fund decorations and boxing-in pipe work.
  3. The scheme will only replace equipment deemed necessary i.e. radiators may need to be replaced if they have a defect that affects a boiler installation.
  4. Replacement central heating boilers must be new A rated (+90% Low Nox) gas boilers.
  5. All grants are subject to the availability of funding. (Do not assume you have a grant until it is approved)
  6. The scheme excludes commercial and residential/commercial combined systems.
  7. Electric boilers will not be grant funded.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a limited grant budget; therefore applications will be assessed on a first come first served basis.

Note 1 - Health related conditions

  1. Dementia or severe mental illness
  2. Respiratory disease
  3. Cardiovascular disease
  4. Autoimmune disease
  5. Haemoglobinopathies

Note 2 – What should an estimate show

  1. The contractor’s name, address and contact details
  2. The contractor Gas Safe registration number
  3. The contractor’s VAT number (only if they are VAT registered, not all contractors are)
  4. The address where the work would be carried out
  5. A full breakdown of the proposed work. This should include an itemised list of all materials and labour with a cost given for each item, and a clear indication of the amount of VAT (if they are charging VAT)

Note 3 – What must a complete application include

If you do not submit all of the following information relevant to your application, it cannot be processed or approved.

  1. A fully completed application form, dated and signed by all owners of the property.
  2. Photographic proof of identity, for example passport or photo driving licence showing signature, for each owner.
  3. A copy of a recent benefits entitlement letter for all owners.
  4. An owner’s compliance certificate, fully completed, dated and signed by all owners of the property.
  5. If using your own contractor, two fully itemised estimates from different builders for the cost of carrying out the works. (Non-itemised estimates will not be accepted and your application will be refused).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Contact details are on the last page of this document.

Frequently asked questions

Which boiler will need to be installed?

The boiler installed must be an ‘A-rated’ low Nox gas boiler and over 90% efficient.

The type/size of boiler you have installed should be determined by the size of your property and current heating system.

Electric boilers are not eligible, and will not be installed under this scheme.

Is there anything that the grant will not pay for?

The grant will not fund:


  • Boxing-in of pipe work
  • Replacement radiators (unless they are rusty/leaking)
  • Gas connection where there is currently no gas supply
  • Communal boiler replacement or for the installation of an individual boiler if you currently are on a communal system
  • Lifting of carpets, furniture or flooring (any new central heating system pipe work will be surface mounted)

Are there any grant conditions?

If the property is sold or ownership transferred within the five year grant conditions the grant is repayable.

Do the works need to be certified?

Works to the gas installations and supply pipes must comply with current Gas Safety Regulations and a Gas Safe Safety Certificate will be required on completion before the grant is paid.

Do I pay VAT on grant aided works?

VAT can be included in the grant providing the contractor provides a valid VAT number at the time the quote is submitted. In some cases, VAT can only be agreed at the rate of 5%, in accordance with HMRC guidelines on grant aided energy works. If your contractor charges VAT, please ask us for more details.

Please note, not all contractors will be VAT registered.

How do I find a contractor to carry out the works?

The contractor must be Gas Safe registered. The Council encourage applicants to use local contractors.

Please visit: www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ to check that your contractor is registered.

The website also has a search option for locating local registered companies.

Does the council have a list of approved contractors?

The Council do not have a list of approved contractors. Applicants can visit www.Trustmark.org.uk. Trustmark is a not for profit organisation, licensed by Government and supported by consumer protection groups. The Islington Age UK website can be visited at: www.ageuk.org.uk/islington. They may also offer advice on finding a contractor.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Contact details are below.

Islington Council useful contacts

Grant Support Services

Islington Council

222 Upper Street

London N1 1XR


Tel: 020 7527 3104

Planning Enquiries

Islington Council

222 Upper Street

London N1 1XR

Tel: 020 7527 2000

Email: planningenquiries@islington.gov.uk

The Energy Advice Team

Islington Council

1 Cottage Road, London

London N7 8TP

Email: energy.advice@islington.gov.uk

Tel: 0800 512 012

Building Control Services

Islington Council

222 Upper Street

London N1 1XR

Tel:   020 7527 5999

Email: building.control@islington.gov.uk


The council supports the use of all sustainable technologies. We encourage contractors to recycle/dispose of waste at approved registered sites and to use green transport options (e.g. hybrid and electric vehicles) and encourage workers to use public transport. The council supports the use of sustainable materials and “Green” electricity.

Exceptional Circumstances

If you are not eligible for a grant under this grant policy and you feel you should be, you can apply for consideration of exceptional need for a grant.

Other Grants

Other grants are available for registered disabled people and vulnerable households please contact Grant support services for further information.

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