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How our tenants think we're doing

Find out about Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) that tell us how residents whose homes or buildings we manage rate our performance and how well we are doing based on yearly survey results.

Tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs) help show how well social housing landlords are doing at providing good quality homes and services. They help tenants hold their landlords to account and we must show the results of our surveys.

There are two types of TSMs.

Tenant perception measures (TPMs)

Tenant perception measures survey 2023/2024 

The 2023/2024 survey was carried out as part of our regulatory requirements. This was our first tenant perception survey and we will now conduct and publish the results every year.

Reference number  What we asked our tenants about Percentage of satisfied responses from our tenants
TP01 Overall satisfaction 64%
TP02 Repairs 66%
TP03 Time taken to complete most recent repair 64%
TP04 Home is well maintained 66%
TP05 Home is safe 69%
TP06 Landlord listens to views and acts upon them 57%
TP07 Landlord keeps tenants informed about things that matter 72%
TP08 Agreement that landlord treats tenants fairly and with respect 76%
TP09 Landlord's approach to complaints 26%
TP10 Landlord keeps communal areas clean and well-maintained 64%
TP11 Landlord makes a positive contribution to neighbourhood 70%
TP12 Landlord's approach to handling anti-social behaviour (ASB) 59%

Methodology for tenant perceptions survey 2023/2024

We commissioned Kwest Research to conduct a telephone survey on our behalf.

The survey was carried out from 17 August 2023 to 15 November 2023 

For us to meet our requirements, we need to conduct a certain number of surveys for the amount of properties we manage. As we have around 25,000 tenants, we had to have at least 1,019 completed surveys to achieve a representative sample (enough tenants that can give us a good idea what most of ourtenants think). But we asked Kwest to complete 2,500 surveys for a wider range of tenant feedback. 

Kwest used a sampling method that took into account:

  • management type
  • age group
  • number of bedrooms
  • area office. 

2022 survey

The questions and methodology for our 2022 survey were different to the tenant perception survey, which is a new type of survey introduced soon after. 

Kwest carried out an independent large sample survey of tenants and leaseholders from October 2021 to November 2021. The aim of the survey was to help us understand residents’ views about their homes and their satisfaction with our services.

Note that questions from this survey were different from 2023/2024.

What we asked our residents about Percentage of satisfied responses from residents 
Overall service 60%
Quality of the home 61%
Neighbourhood as a place to live 72%
Get value for money from rent 61%
How social housing provider handles repairs and maintenance 58%
How easy the social housing provider is to deal with 55%
Safety and security of the home 64%
How social housing provider listens to views and acts upon them 45%
Opportunities to make your views known 41%
Maintenance of communal outdoor facilities on estates 55%
Cleaning / caretaking on estates 63%
Value of service charge 48%

Methodology for 2022 survey

We asked 14,372 households to share their views, with the sample made up of 7,544 tenanted households and 6,828 leaseholders. Six separate surveys were designed to target each resident group  and make sure that the survey focussed on relevant issues to them. 

Residents completed the survey online or by post. 

The survey methodology and questions were different to the 2023/2024 tenant perceptions survey. 

Management information measures (MIs)

There are ten MIs across four areas. They are collected in landlord and management data.

Keeping properties in good repair

  • RP01: Homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard
  • RP02: Repairs completed within target timescales

Maintaining building safety

  • BS01: Gas safety checks
  • BS02: Fire safety checks
  • BS03: Asbestos safety checks
  • BS04: Water safety checks
  • BS05: Lift safety checks

Effective handling of complaints

  • CH01: Complaints relative to the size of landlord
  • CH02: Complaints responded to within Complaint Handling Code timescales

Responsible neighbourhood management

  • NM01: Anti-social behaviour cases relative to the size of landlord

Management information measures report 2024

We will publish a report about our performance in summer 2024. This report will cover the 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

How we work out and gather our TSMs (methodology)

Since the publication of the TSMs in September 2022, we have created plans and procedures to make sure that, by April 2024, we are submitting accurate and quality-assured data to the Social Housing Regulator. This includes:

  • working with our service leads to make sure their teams know what they need to do to collect TSMs on time and report on them
  • working through a few months' test period where we tried using TSMs early so we could solve any problems and get teams into using and reporting on the TSMs comparing our performance with other London authorities (known as benchmarking). 

As of March 2023, we started official reporting and have been collecting all MIs every three months, and some every month. We are still working on improving the quality of our data so that by spring 2024, we will be confident in the data we are presenting to you.

TSM figures and specific methodologies will be coming soon.

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