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If you sublet your leasehold property (including short-term “holiday” sublets like Airbnb) you must register the sublet with us.

Use this form below to register a standard sublet or to confirm if a property is not sublet.

Register the sublet status of a property

If you're renting your property out as short term/holiday let please use the form below.

Download the short term/holiday sublet registration form

Once you have confirmed in writing to Home Ownership Services that we should contact you at a different address we will make sure that you receive the following at your contact address:

  • any letters or consultation relating to proposed improvements or works to the communal areas for which you will be expected to pay in service charges or major works charges.
  • any request to repair something in your property which is affecting our other managed property(ies) or communal areas, or any request for access for us to inspect (in urgent situations we may also send a copy to your subtenant).
  • any letters relating to anti-social behaviour or harassment being carried out by your sub-tenant.
  • any request for feedback on caretaking standards or estate communal repairs.

Occasionally we may post information through all letterboxes – this will normally be reminders about refuse arrangements or updates about emergency works where the block or estate may be temporarily without water, gas or electricity.

If you have any general queries relating to subletting please call Home Ownership Services on 020 7527 7715 or email