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Council tax discount if you have a disability

If any room in your home has been adapted for you or for a disabled person who lives with you, your bill could be reduced

 Your home must have one or more of the following:

  • An additional bathroom or lavatory that has been especially adapted. There must be a non-adapted bathroom or lavatory in the property as well.
  • An additional kitchen that has been especially adapted. There must be a non-adapted kitchen in the property as well.
  • A room (not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory) that is predominately used by the person who is disabled in support of their needs. For example, a physical therapy room or a room set aside for dialysis.
  • Extra space inside the property to allow for the use of a wheelchair. For example, stair lift, widened doorways, and internal ramps.

The discount is equivalent to the property sitting one grade lower in the council tax band system. For example, if the property had been placed in Band D, it will be considered to be in Band C. 

For all new claims you will get a visit from one of our inspectors to help assess your claim.

Once your claim has been assessed, we will send you a revised bill

Download the application form

Please send the completed form to us at Islington Council, PO Box 34750, London N7 9WF.

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