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Safer spaces

Our ambition is that no one should feel afraid of walking, running, cycling, or sitting in any part of Islington, regardless of your personal identity, the time of day, or how busy it is.

We know that how safe you feel can be influenced by many factors – including age, gender expression, race, ethnicity, visible religious affiliation, and expression of sexuality, as well as how dark it is and how many people are outside.


In July 2021, we launched the Safer Spaces campaign in Islington. Every household and business in the borough received a letter and Safer Spaces leaflet where they were able to mark locations they don’t feel safe, give a short explanation as to why and a score. These could be returned via free post or completed online.


Over five months, we received over 2,100 submissions, averaging 400 submissions a month. The spread of responses both geographically and by gender was very positive across Islington, however younger people and some ethnic groups were under-represented. Targeted engagement work with these under-represented groups was carried out between October and December.


We analysed the data submitted and shared our findings at community conversation events where we also discussed the outcomes and options for next steps and community involvement.


We are using what we learnt from these events to inform action plans across the borough to address the issues identified.


If you have any questions, please email us.

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