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Safe haven scheme

Safe havens are a practical way of helping everyone in Islington enjoy their community knowing that support is easily available if they need help.

Public premises such as shops, cafes, pubs, libraries and other places of interest can register to be officially known as a safe haven.

If you are in danger, feel threatened or harassed on the street, are unwell or just in need of some help you can look for the safe haven sign in windows.

Someone in the safe haven will be able to help you. Safe havens can help by:

  • letting you inside and keeping out those who are threatening you
  • calling the police or family or friends
  • simply by giving you directions or public transport information

You can use our interactive map that shows you where safe haven premises are in our borough: Safe Havens map

All premises currently signed up to the scheme are listed at Citizens UK – Safe Haven sites

Safe Haven 'In Case of Emergency' (ICE) cards are available from Islington Council’s Community Safety Team for you to fill in the details of someone you would like to be contacted in an emergency. This could be anyone – a friend, relative or someone else.

You can then hand your ICE card over to someone in the safe haven.

If you feel you are being threatened call the police immediately on 999.

To register as a Safe Haven or request an 'In Case of Emergency' card email the Community Safety Team.


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