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Casual market licence

A casual street trading licence allows you to trade on the day of your choice through the purchase of vouchers.

Please note, casual market trading is not permitted around the Arsenal Emirates Stadium, on private land or scattered sites.

How to apply

There is no application form, however, we accept proposals from interested parties. Your proposal must contain the following information:

  • your full name and contact details 
  • details of your product - photos, visual examples 
  • equipment to be used 
  • any references.

Email your proposal to

After we receive your proposal

If there is a vacancy for your product type you will be invited to an informal meeting to discuss your proposal with us.

If your proposal is approved, you will be given a confirmation checklist and asked to complete an application form.

Within 14 days of the informal meeting, arrangements should be made to collect your licence and stall card, bringing with you checklist and enclosures as stated on the application form.

There's six-month probation period for new licence holders and during this time you will be monitored on attendance and compliance with the street trading conditions before a casual street trading licence is granted.

Licence fees and vouchers

A casual licence licence registration fee £30.

A voucher is your licence to trade for that day and can be purchased in person from the street trading team or we can take payment over the phone. Vouchers are valid for three months from the date of purchase and the cost of the voucher is dependent on which market you trade from.

Each voucher entitles you to one day of trading and must be handed to the street trading officer on the day you trade. Trading will not be permitted if you do not have the correct voucher. 

There's a £30 fee if you are looking to change which market you sell from or change the commodities you trade.

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