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Sex establishment policy

This policy sets out our proposed approach to regulating sex establishments and the procedure that we will adopt in relation to applications for sex establishment licences.

Limits on the number of licensed premises

We have determined that there are a sufficient number of sex shops, sex cinemas and sexual entertainment venues currently operating in the borough and we do not want to see an increase in the numbers of premises that are currently providing these activities.

We have adopted a policy to limit the number of sexual entertainment venues in the borough to ‘nil’; however we recognise that there are a number of businesses that have been providing sexual entertainment in Islington for several years.

As a result, we will not apply this limitation when considering renewal applications for premises that were trading prior to 1 April 2011 with express permission for the type of entertainment which is now defined as sexual entertainment, if they can continue to demonstrate:

  • high standards of management
  • a management structure and capacity to operate the venue 
  • the ability to adhere to the standard conditions for sex establishments.

We will consider each application on its merit although new applicants will have to demonstrate why we should depart from the ‘nil’ policy.

Furthermore, if any of the existing premises cease trading there is no presumption that we will consider any new applications more favourably.

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