Temporary Event Notice (TENs)

TENs are a simple way to provide licensable activities for one-off events without the need to obtain a premises licence or a personal licence.


When applying for your TEN it's important to consider the following limitations:

  • there can be no more than 499 people at the event at any one time, which must last no more than 168 hours (seven days) 
  • if you are expecting 500 people or more then you will need to apply for a premises licence 
  • one premises can only be used for 15 temporary events per year, up to a total maximum of 21 days per year 
  • an event that starts before and ends after midnight counts as two days 
  • one person may only make five TEN applications per year, or 50 if they hold a personal licence 
  • 15 TENs per premises per year limit applies, regardless of whether the applicant holds a personal licence
  • there must be a minimum of 24 hours between TENs at the same premises. 
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