Removing yourself as the designated premises supervisor (DPS)

How the current DPS can remove themselves from the premises licence.

If you are the current DPS and you’ve decide to stop working at the premises or you can no longer be the DPS, and if the licence holder has not applied to vary the DPS, you must inform us and the licence holder of your wish to be removed from the premises licence.

It is important to remove yourself from the premises licence so you are not held accountable for activities at the premises. 

Download and complete the ‘Request to the council’ form (see ‘Useful documents’ below) and email it to or send it to the Licensing team, 222 Upper Street, London N1 1XR. 

No fee applies for this application. 

If you're unable to tell the licence holder of your wish to be removed as the DPS, there is room on the form to explain why. 

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