Advertising and giving of notice

How to advertise or give notice of applications for new premises licences or changes to an existing premises licence.

Applications must be advertised on the premises by means of a notice for not less than a period of 28 consecutive days, starting the day after the application is submitted. 

The notice shall be: 

  • at least A4 size
  • of a pale blue colour
  • printed in black ink in a font size of point 16 or above. 

The notice must be displayed prominently where it can be read conveniently from outside the premises.

For premises larger than 50 square metres, notices must be displayed every 50 metres along the exterior perimeter of the premises along the highway. 

You can download the application notice from 'Useful documents' below.

Local newspapers

You must also arrange to publish the notice in a newspaper circulating in the vicinity of the premises on at least one occasion in the period of 10 days starting on the day after the day the application was given. 

Contact details for local newspapers:

Islington Tribune, 40 Camden Road, London NW1 9DR.


Tel: 020 7419 9000 (ext 250 or 247)

Fax: 020 7209 1322

Islington Gazette, 161 Tottenham Lane,  London N8 9BU.


Tel: 020 8342 5700 

Fax: 020 8342 5710 

If you wish to advertise the application in another local newspaper, you are advised to contact us beforehand, to confirm that it is acceptable.

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