Register a birth

Legally you need to register a birth within 42 days at the Register Office in the area where the baby was born. Find out what you need to do to register your baby's birth in Islington.

Where can you register?

If your baby was born at Whittington Hospital or at home in Islington or the City of London (Islington Council Registrars also cover registrations for the City of London Corporation, which is the square mile at the heart of the financial centre in the city. See a map of the area.  Unfortunately we can’t register your baby’s birth if they were born outside of Islington or the City of London, even if you aren’t a resident) you can register the birth at:

  • Book an appointment for Islington and City of London Register Office, Islington Town Hall, Upper Street N1 2UD, Monday to Friday 9.30am-4pm.

  • Visit Archway Children’s Centre, Vorley Road, N19 5HE every Monday from 9.30am-12.00pm. There is no need to book. Please note this service will be unavailable until the 16th January 2017.

Who can register?

The parent’s marital status affects who can register the birth. Please see the table below for guidance on who can register.

Marital status Who can register
If parents are married at the time of birth or conception Either the mother or father can register the birth on their own
If parents are not married at the time of birth or conception Both parents must attend and sign the birth register together if both parents wish to be listed on the birth certificate.

The mother can register without the father but the father's details will not be included on the birth certificate. It is possible to add his details at a later date by re-registering the birth.

If one parent cannot attend the register office but they wish to be included on the birth certificate, that parent will need to complete the statutory declaration form.  This must be attested by a legal professional (e.g. solicitor).  Where there is a parental responsibility agreement in force or either parent has an appropriate court order, this can be presented when registering.

If neither the mother or father can attend, please call 020 7527 6350 to discuss this before you book an appointment.

What the registrar will ask you

When you go to see the registrar, the registrar will ask you about the following to include on the register and birth certificate:

  • the baby's forename(s), surname and sex

  • date of birth and where the baby was born

  • if the birth is multiple, e.g. twins, then the time of each baby's birth is also needed

  • the baby's parents' forenames, surnames and places of birth

  • the mother's address

  • the baby's parents' occupations\

  • the baby's mother's maiden surname.

The following will be asked but are provided to the UK Statistics Authority and do not appear on certificates:

  • the number of any previous children

  • if applicable - the date of the parents' marriage.

Documents to bring with you

  • the baby’s NHS number which is on the notification of birth

It is also useful to bring with you:

  • the parents' passports

  • the parents' marriage certificate (if applicable)

  • a recent proof of address