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Re-register a birth

If the father is not listed on your child’s birth certificate you can usually re-register the birth to include him at a later date. You also need to re-register if you get married or form a civil partnership after your child’s birth.

1. Download the form and guidance notes Adding a father (if unmarried) or Adding a father (if married) or re-registering after marriage or civil partnership

2. Complete the application form and post it to:

Islington and City of London Register Office
Islington Town Hall
Upper Street
N1 2UD

3. Your application will then be processed this may take up to six weeks if it needs to be referred to the Registrar General (from the General Register Office) for approval

4. Once the registrar has processed your application they will call you to make an appointment to complete the re-registration

5. Attend the appointment to re-register and purchase new birth certificates (£12.50 per certificate)

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