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HealtheIntent is a platform that will allow health and care professionals in north central London to be more proactive in the care of patients and communities.

The system links elements of health and care information from different sources and enables clinicians to manage and plan care for individuals and groups of residents in relation to health or social care. Health care professionals directly involved in a patient’s care can view a patient’s joined-up record, showing information collected by different providers over time. The joined-up record helps to spot trends, concerns or gaps in care. This information contained in this record is used to create ‘registries’ and ‘analytics’.

  • Registries give a dashboard view to show how one or more patients are doing relating to agreed measures associated with particular conditions. For example, the diabetes dashboard shows measures relating to the effective management of care for a patient, or groups of patients with diabetes, such as BMI, or regular eye and foot exams.The dashboard will present up-to-date relevant information, from all care providers, and alert clinicians to any gaps or duplication.
  • Analytics can help to spot trends and variation in groups of patients and help professionals to identify any specific actions that need to be taken to improve care.
  • Dashboards will be available to support case finding for individual patients.

Most data on HealtheIntent will be anonymised. Only a healthcare professional who is directly involved in a patient’s care will be able to see that individual patient’s record.

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  1. Data protection: We will handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with the council’s Fair Processing Notice.