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Obtaining children's records

What information you can request and who can request it.

I want to see information about my child, am I entitled to see this? 

Parents do not have an automatic right to access their children’s files. If a child is old enough to give informed consent, we would be guided by their wishes. For children over the age of 12, we would ask that the child submits their own request. The council will only disclose information to parents/guardians where this is in the best interests of the child and where they have provided proof of their "parental responsibility".

How do I access a child’s Social Care file?

You can apply to view your social care records if you: 

  • are an adult who was previously in care as a child or young person 
  • have parental responsibility and wish to view your child’s file
  • are a child over the age of 12 who wants to view their own file

To apply for this information you need to complete a Subject Access Request. If you would like more information on the process, or you would like advice on submitting your request, email or phone 020 7527 8797 or 020 7527 8479.

How can I access my adoption records?

If you were adopted through Islington and are over 18 years old, you have the legal right to information about your adoption. More information is available on finding birth parents or adopted children. You can also call the Adoption Team on 0800 073 3344.

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