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Learning disabilities

Support from the Islington community is available to residents with a learning disability all across the borough.

Islington Learning Disabilities Service

This is a partnership of services that help people with learning disabilities. It is the first port of call for many adults with learning disabilities in the borough.

Guidance for unpaid carers of people with Learning Disabilities/Autism

Find out contact details and more on the service on the Camden and Islington NHS site.

Staying active

For all of us, but especially those of us who have learning disabilities, it can sometimes be challenging to keep healthy, stay active and meet people.

The adults directory has many opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to keep fit and get out and about, from swimming and cricket to short breaks to the seaside. See a full list of activities on the adults directory.

Digital skills

As more and more of life’s basics, from paying bills to staying in touch with family and friends, are moving online, it’s becoming really important for people with learning disabilities to have the confidence and skills to use the computer and internet effectively.

Thankfully there are lots of services across Islington to support you in doing so, like the Friendship Computer Network at Manor Gardens. See the adults directory for a full list of digital services


With a little bit of extra support, a lot of Islington residents with learning disabilities find it hugely rewarding to get involved in the creative arts.

Arts groups can be a great way to express yourself, meet people, and stay involved in the community.

See a full list of arts activities on the adults directory


Islington’s 11 libraries offer a place for adults with learning disabilities, along with the whole community, to get online, meet other people and attend interesting events. To find your local library, please visit our Libraries home page.

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