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How to stay safe

There are things we can all do to help stay healthy and protect others – from topping up our immunity with flu and Covid-19 vaccinations, to staying active, eating healthily and keeping warm.

There are some helpful tips below, too, on how you can reduce the risk of picking up, passing on, or getting ill from Covid-19.

Getting fully vaccinated, including getting boosters, is the best protection against Covid-19. If you haven’t made time for the Covid-19 vaccine or you’ve been unsure about getting it, you can pop into a vaccine site or pharmacy in your local area to speak to staff, without any obligation.

We strongly recommend that you continue to wear a face covering as it is another form of protection against the virus. 

Get info on the Covid-19 vaccines

Ways to stay safe and protect your loved ones

Even if you’ve been fully vaccinated, please take measures to keep yourself and others safe: 

  • We recommend you wear a face covering while travelling on public transport and in any crowded and or enclosed places.
  • The NHS website is a great source of advice and information, including advice on symptoms and self-isolation. 
  • When you're indoors let the fresh air in. Opening your windows for just ten minutes at a time throughout the day can remove infected particles that may be lingering in the air unknown to you.
  • Keeping active is good for your mental and physical health - check out our parks in Islington listings and info.
  • If you're travelling abroad, make sure you know the national guidance. Visit to find out more. 
  • Wash your hands.


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