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Information for carers in Islington

Find out how to get carer's training, a short break from caring, what to do in an emergency and how to contact Islington Carer’s Hub.

Islington Carers' Hub

Islington Carers Hub provides advice, information and support if you're a carer.

To be eligible for support, you need to be aged 18 or over, and you live, work or care for someone living in Islington.

Support available at Islington Carer's Hub

  • training
  • parking permits
  • short breaks
  • advice
  • meet new people
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Online support for carers

Carers in Islington are able to access free online support from the Mobilise community of carers - you could get started with a five-part email course. 

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Vaccinations for carers

Unpaid carers are in Priority Group 6 for the vaccination. This includes those in receipt of or eligible for carer’s allowance, or those who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill.

To be offered a vaccination, unpaid carers need to ensure that they are registered with their GP as a carer. If they need support to prove that they are a carer, they can contact Age UK Islington.

Carers UK also have a helpful information page with a template letter to send to GPs

Carers UK support

Carers UK is a national organisation where you can find great advice and support to:

  • understand your rights and entitlements as a carer
  • get breaks from caring
  • get practical support about assessments
  • find specialist equipment

Go to the Carers UK website


Emergency card for carers

If something happens to you as a carer, like you're unavailable through illness, the carer’s emergency card means you can nominate someone to temporarily take over your care responsibilities.

To arrange this you’ll first need to have had a carer’s assessment

How to get a carer’s emergency card

Once you've been assessed, you can register for a card on Islington Carers Hub web page.

You’ll need to fill in some details, including nominating two people we can contact in an emergency.

Short breaks for carers

Caring is often a full-time role, and you may want a break.

A break could be a few hours off a week, or a short holiday. 

How to get a break from caring

There are a few ways you can take some time off caring.

Training for carers in Islington

If you’re a carer, you can get free training from Islington Council.

To qualify, you need to be registered with the Islington Carers Hub or in receiving a carer's service.

Current training on offer

Skills and support can include:

  • how to lift and handle the person you care for safely
  • emergency first aid
  • food hygiene and infection control
  • understanding mental capacity

How to book a carer’s course

Telephone 020 7527 8884


Email Learning and development team

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