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Organise a street party

Information on how to organise a street party for an event, royal wedding or big lunch.

How to organise a street party

It's quite simple to do, you just need to make sure you plan everything correctly. 

The Street Party website has all the information you need 

It includes this great street party organisation checklist

You can also read Islington council’s guide to hosting a street party here (PDF 77KB)

Licensed events

You don’t normally need a licence if your party is for your local community or residents.

If 500 people or more are expected, or it’s aimed at the general public, you may need a premises licence. 

You won’t need a licence to serve food before 11pm.

If you want to have a pay bar or you’ll be charging for the event, you may need a temporary event licence costing £21. 

Find out more on the Islington licensing web pages 


You can play recorded or live music at your street party.

But even though your party is permitted, please respect others and keep noise to an acceptable level.

If you want to organise a party in a park or greenspace

Email greenspace events for more information 

How to apply for your street party

After you’ve spoken to your neighbours and done your planning, you can apply by completing this this application form (PDF 77KB) and emailing it back. 

Email your completed application form here

Please apply at least six weeks before your party.