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Road closures

How to apply for permission to close roads, including information about fees.

You must apply for a temporary traffic management order for permission to close a road closure temporarily, in accordance with section 14(1) of the road traffic regulation act 1984.

Before you apply

Information you'll need

Please prepare the following information which you need to send with the online application form. You must:

  • apply at least six weeks in advance so that we have enough time to process your request and coordinate the works required
  • apply at least 8-12 weeks in advance for strategic routes
  • upload supporting documents if traffic flow or pedestrians will be affected
  • submit a separate form if temporary traffic signals are part of this permission - please email for the form.

This licence does not include parking suspensions. Please email for more information.

Fees and payment

The management fee is £4,519.00 per licence. You will responsible for the provision and costs of traffic management and traffic signs on all affected roads, including any diversionary routes.

Please note that licences are valid for three months. You will need to apply for an extension and pay a fee to extend the licence.

Apply for a road closure

Apply now

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