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Barnsbury and Laycock Liveable Neighbourhood

As part of our efforts to create a cleaner, greener and healthier borough, we want to introduce a liveable neighbourhood in the Barnsbury and Laycock area. This project will invest in your streets and public spaces for the benefit of the local community – to bring neighbours together, support local shops and make it safer for children to play and travel.

We are currently in the early phase of this project and we do not have designs at this stage. Your ideas will help us develop designs and there will be opportunities to have your say throughout 2023 as the project develops. We will hold a public consultation on final designs before we implement any scheme.
Through listening to the ideas of local people, we want to develop a scheme that will:

  • make the area greener, healthier and more pleasant to spend time in, with new plants, trees and seating. 
  • create safer, cleaner streets for children to travel to school and areas for play
  • reduce traffic in the area to make local streets quieter, less polluted and safer to walk and cycle around.
  • support local businesses to thrive

The project will cover the area bounded by Caledonian Road in the west, Holloway Road in the north, Upper Street in the east, and Pentonville Road in the south. Because this is a large area, it may need to be divided into sub-areas and/or delivered in phases.

Map of proposed area for Barnsbury and Laycock Liveable Neighbourhood


How to get involved

We want to work with local people to understand the issues you would like to see addressed in the project area to create healthier and more pleasant streets, and to hear suggestions for how we can address these. This will help us develop designs for the project.

In this early stage there are several ways you can have your say.

Public engagement event

We held two public events related to the project:

  • Online public meeting - Wednesday 22 February 7pm - 8.30pm: We gave a presentation to explain the project, with a Q&A session afterwards. You can download the presentation slides and watch a video recording of the presentation.
  • In-person workshop - Tuesday 7 March 6.30pm-8.30pm at Islington Town Hall: There was an activity in groups for people to have their say on how we should improve the area in this project.

Leave a comment on our interactive map 

Drop a pin on our interactive map to tell us where and how you think we should improve streets and public spaces in the Barnsbury and Laycock project area.

This map tool is available now and will be closed to the public on 9 April 2023.

Comment on our map

Email us

You can also email our project team with your views and comments at:

Next steps

Once we have listened to people’s ideas about how to improve streets and public spaces in the project area, we will develop design proposals for improvements to streets and public spaces in the project area. We will then ask for your feedback on our draft proposals.

After we have received feedback on our draft designs and made changes to our proposals, we will hold a full public consultation on the final proposals later in 2023.

We will not implement any Barnsbury and Laycock Liveable Neighbourhood scheme before consulting publicly first. If a decision is made to implement all or part of the proposals that we develop following public engagement, we anticipate starting implementation in early 2024.

Date Engagement stage Activity
Winter 2022-23 Early engagement Listen to people's ideas about how they want to see the area improved, to help us create our initial designs. 
Mid-2023 Initial designs Get people’s feedback on our initial designs to improve our proposals.
Late 2023 Public consultation Hold a formal public consultation on the final designs before any decision is taken to implement the proposals.

If you have any questions that are not answered by the information on this page, our people-friendly streets FAQs page, or our Barnsbury and Laycock Liveable Neighbourhood engagement page, please email us at

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