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Cycleway 38: Holloway Road to Pentonville Road

A new cycle route has been delivered along Penton Street in the south of the route to Tolpuddle Street, Liverpool Road and Madras Place in the north. This is part of the Palmers Green to Farringdon route and it forms a key section of a network of cycle routes the council is developing and delivering across the borough in the coming years.

The new route has created a more pleasant cycling route and a safer, more convenient direct route for cyclists of all abilities. It has also been designed to improve the safety and comfort of people cycling by reducing conflict with motorised traffic. It has provided an important alternative to using public transport during the pandemic and as restrictions continue to ease.

By making it safer to cycle, Islington residents and visitors will be able to enjoy our borough in a way that reduces unnecessary car journeys and therefore cuts down on air pollution and congestion.

For more information please see the Cycleway 38: Pentonville Road to Holloway Road leaflet (PDF)


We have now published pre-consultation monitoring report for the Cycleway 38 Liverpool Road trial area. The report includes data one year on from the launch of the trial in September 2020.


The Cycleway 38 Liverpool Road consultation is open until 11:59pm on Wednesday 15 December 2021. Complete the online questionnaire to have your say. 

You can find more information on our dedicated consultation page.

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