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Why we recycle

Find out why everyone in Islington must recycle, helping save money and making a greener, healthier Islington.

70 per cent of what we throw away could be recycled or composted and it costs twice as much to get rid of a tonne of rubbish than to recycle it.

Each household in Islington produces around a car’s weight in rubbish every year, most of which is sent to a waste facility where it is burned.

Because of this, and at a time when Government funding for councils is being cut every year, we are looking for other ways of dealing with our rubbish and how we can produce less of it by reducing, reusing and recycling. 

Reasons to recycle your waste 


  • is efficient – items you recycle can be made into something else useful
  • reduces demand for raw materials that are becoming harder to get and more expensive
  • creates jobs
  • reduces the amount of carbon we produce which means less impact on the environment.

This is why you must recycle your waste in Islington.

Educational resources for primary school teachers

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has launched the Education Hub, a set of resources for primary schools about reducing waste. 

There are videos, lesson guides, assembly plans and handbooks with subjects like 'the journey of waste’, ‘composting’ and ‘take action for the environment’.

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