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See below for lists of plastic items you can or can't recycle.

What you can recycle

We collect most household plastic packaging for recycling.

Some plastic packaging has a recycling logo with a number printed on it. This indicates the plastic polymer the packaging is made from. It is not related to which items we can and cannot collect for recycling and should not be used as a guide to recycling.

Please see the list below for details of what we can collect for recycling. 

You can put these plastics in your recycling container:

  • Plastic food packaging
  • Yoghurt pots 
  • Food trays 
  • Ice cream tubs 
  • Margarine containers 
  • Fruit punnets 
  • Plastic bags 
  • Plastic milk, soup or juice cartons
  • Magazine wrapping
  • Drinks bottles
  • Cooking oil bottles
  • Bleach and cleaning fluid containers
  • Shampoo and shower gel containers
  • Detergent and fabric conditioner containers.
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