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Dogs and dog fouling

How we are tackling dog-related problems in the borough and how you can report them.

Dog owners' responsibilities

The following behaviour is against the law and may result in an £80 fine:

  • failure to remove dog fouling from any public space 
  • not putting or keeping a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer in any public space
  • allowing a dog to enter an area from which dogs are excluded.

Report it

You can report dog fouling using the Clean Islington app. Available for free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone via app stores. 

Alternatively go through MyeAccount or call 020 7527 2000.

Spotted someone in the act?

Help keep Islington clean. If you spot an irresponsible dog owner, report it to our anti-social behaviour team so we can catch them out. Provide as much detail as you can.

Report anti-social behaviour online or call the ASB line on 020 7527 7272.

How we tackle dog fouling

  • advising and educating dog owners about responsible dog ownership
  • placing signs that highlight the laws and penalties on all litter bins and in parks and estates
  • patrolling local areas looking out for dog owners breaking the law.

The vast majority of dog owners have a responsible attitude but in some cases it is necessary to issue fixed penalty notices and even prosecute offenders as a last resort.

Exclusion zones 

All dog exclusion areas are signed and so you can check which areas are dog-free. 

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