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Islington Tree Policy

There is increasing recognition that trees play an important role locally and globally in the adaption and mitigation of climate change.

The benefits that trees provide in climate change resilience, pollution interception, storm water capture and mitigating the urban heat island effect all go to make Islington a greener and healthier place to live.

Trees managed by the council remove over eight tonnes of air-borne pollutants each year and store over 18,000 tonnes of carbon.

Canopy cover is the area covered by trees when viewed from above. The overall canopy cover of Islington is 25%. In comparison, our canopy cover is above the average (17%) estimated in the 320 towns and cities surveyed in the UK and the London average of 21%.

This is a good indication that we have a healthy and robust tree stock here in the borough.

We’re aiming to protect the trees we have and to increase the borough’s canopy cover from 25% to 30% by 2050. In fact in the last ten years, we have planted more trees than we have had to fell.
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