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Planning Performance Agreement (PPA)

Planning applications submitted to Islington can raise very complex issues, due to factors such as a high density of development, mixed uses, a sensitive historic environment, high land values, an articulate and involved local population and a large number of workers and visitors to the borough.

Determining major planning applications within the statutory 13 week timeframe while achieving the best use of the site and best outcome from the surrounding community can be complex and challenging for everyone involved.

Planning Performance Agreements (PPA) allow a more bespoke project management approach to be taken to engagement, negotiation and determination of planning applications and allowing this process to sit outside of the 13 week statutory timeframe.

Planning Performance Agreements are essentially a project management process and tool to improve the quality of major planning applications and to provide greater certainty and transparency in the development of major schemes, in the assessment of the planning applications and in the decision making process.

We believe the use of the Planning Performance Agreements in Islington enables the best outcomes for everyone and we strongly encourage their use.  Please find three template PPAs to cover the pre-application stage, planning application stage and the post decision stages to download and complete at the bottom of the page.

Why we encourage the use of PPAs:

  • Collaborative working

  • Building trust

  • Foster strong and productive partnerships

  • An improved customers service

  • Removal of 13/ 16 week time constraints

  • Creation of bespoke programming and appropriate resourcing of the processes 

  • Certainty through Member involvement

  • Reduction of refusals and lengthy appeals

  • Better quality developments

Where a planning application for a major development proposal is submitted without a planning performance agreement, it will be determined without the lengthy dialogue that normally takes place on such schemes.

While a Planning Performance Agreement will help ensure a major application is processed to an agreed timetable with meetings to help overcome issues that arise during the application process; the signing of a planning performance agreement between the applicant and the local planning authority does not prejudice the outcome of a planning application nor does it give a guarantee of planning permission.  

Please be advised that the Development Management Service charges £7,920 (plus VAT) for the coordination and management of PPAs on major sites.  This is a one off fee therefore if pre-application discussions take place under a PPA arrangement; a new PPA to cover the application stage can then be entered into without an additional arrangement fee being sought.

In the event that planning permission is been obtained, it is helpful to agree a programme for dealing with planning conditions and any other amendments that may be necessary. A PPA to commit resources on both sides is strongly encouraged, and a template agreement is also provided below.

Additionally, the Project Programme (Application Stage) will differ depending on the scale of application. Two programme templates are attached, one reflecting a longer period should the Greater London Authority (Mayor of London) require consulting. These are also provided for review. These are rough guides and the programme should be discussed based on submission dates and the Planning Committee Meeting programme.

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