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Planning fees

Payment of Fees

Most types of planning application require payment of a fee. Submitting and paying for a planning application through the Planning Portal is the best way to avoid administrative delays.

Please note cheques and cash are NOT accepted as a method of payment for planning applications or pre-application advice. Fees can be paid online through the Planning Portal when submitting your application online. Alternatively, secure phone card payments can be made by calling the Planning Fees Line on 020 7527 2278 (Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm) once your application has been received.  If you wish to make payment by BACS please call the Planning Fees Line before making your payment for an explanation of what info is required to facilitate efficient tracking and processing of your payment. This will avoid delays to your application.

Fee calculator

The Planning Portal provides a Fee Calculator to enable the correct fee for your particular development to be determined.

Fee schedule

The Planning Portal also provides a Fee Schedule which you can download from their website.

Online Fee payment

The council offer an online fee payment option for applications, pre-applications and DRP payments, you will need your Islington application number. For Planning Portal applications please use the Planning Portal payment facilities.

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